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Who Am I?

Hello and welcome to Lens Lessons –  a site that I hope will become a valuable resource for learning and sharing  digital photography tips and tutorials.

My name is Devon Decker and I am an attorney in Houston, Texas.  I’m also a husband, father, grandfather, sports fan, and an avid photographer. So what do I know about photograpy?  Well, I’ve been enthusiastically shooting photos for over 30 years.  I’ve done freelance weddings, portraits, sports, theatrical and a little editorial work over the years – both for fun and a little profit.  But I really enjoy sharing ideas and information with other photographers – whether veterans or total newbies.  And that’s why I started Lens Lessons.

So what’s the point of the Lens Lessons blog?  Well, I’m thinking the initial emphasis will be on photography basics, getting our cameras off the full-auto setting so we can control the image.  So let’s share with each other and learn to produce images as we intended them to be.

Now, go shoot!